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  1. Well thats it folks. Elevenses Espresso Bar is closed. The grinders are empty and the walls are bare. The iconic tiled pool table has been relocated. Shanny, Tom and the staff (Fi, Georgia, Summer, Mary-Jane to name a few of our fantastic staff) would like to thank you all for your support, enthusiasm and 3 times daily habit! We will miss your happy & grumpy faces.

    Thank you Twitter Peeps, Bloggers and Trade-Press Monkeys for your honest appraisals of Elevenses. We'll be starting a new venture at the start of August (Naked Espresso Bar) and we hope that you can find the time in your weeks to walk the extra few minutes to say hello. We will expand on the #SILF Sandwiches and will strive to offer the best coffee experience on Little Bourke: a challenge considering our neighbours.

    Follow us on twitter.com/naked_espresso
    Look us up www.nakedespressobar.com.au
    Visit us 390 Little Bourke Street
    Email us getnaked@nakedespressobar.com.au

  2. Gossip!

    Excited about the Age Good Cafe Guide 2011 that has come out today! Page 66 has a great Barista profile of co-owner Shanny Sena. Page 20 has a delightful write up about Elevenses Espresso Bar! As the review suggests, we are moving shop shortly (end of July 2011), unfortunately we are no longer moving to 405 Bourke as declared. We have somewhere bigger, better & more permanent! It is still in the CBD, we will expand on our fantastic food menu, have a dedicated brew bar and bring along the fantastic Toby's Estate Coffee.

    More details soon my pretties!

    Cheers Tom & Shanny


    Elevenses Espresso Bar has been using the 365cups pre-order system for a while with great success. Helps our customers who are time poor or insist on walking 2 blocks every day to seek us out! So we are going to try adding our famous sandwiches & toasts to the system! 

    Download the "365cups" iPhone app or use via www.365cups.com.

    Leave 7-10 minutes between order and pickup. Can't find us on the list? Our store will only appear on the list when we have the store open.

  4. Pre Order your Coffee with 365 Cups
    We will have a revised menu when we come back along with our coffee pre-order system to stop the boss from riding your back when you wander in 10mins late. Download free the 365cups app from the iPhone App Store, or order via the www.365cups.com website on your Android or computer!

    New Hookturn BYO Cups
    We have fancy new colours instock in both the small (8oz) and large (12oz). We give you a discount on your coffee when you bring in a re-usable cup too! 

    Facebook, Twitter & Foursquare
    Keep track of whats happening & what others are saying about Elevenses Espresso Bar on Twitter & Facebook. And take up the challenge to become Foursquare Mayor for $1 coffees!

  5. Sugadeaux Cupcakes


    Sugadeaux Cupcakes now in the CBD

    Starting Monday 11 April, we'll be getting in cupcakes from Sugadeaux.

    Sugadeaux has been featured in publications like The Age Epicure 'Good Foods Guide' edition, Melbourne Weekly and the Herald Sun Food.

    So for a taste of Melbourne's best cupcakes, head down to Elevenses. 

  6. Calling busking musicians & song writers! Come jam at lunchtime at Elevenses Espresso Bar!

    Contact Shanny for more details
    Twitter DM @Elevenses585 

  7. Thanks to all our customers who braved the miserable weather and came in for a brew or two on Friday 14th January 2011. Elevenses Espresso Bar and it's customers raised $129 for the Queensland RSPCA.

    It may seem like a small amount but every little bit will help the QLD RSPCA rebuild and continue it's good work.

    Elevenses Espresso Bar will continue to donate tips for the next few weeks to the QLD RSPCA.

    For more information on the Queensland RSPCA, their works and progress visit their Facebook Page or the donate page on their website. 


  8. We are open and brewing again! The Fairtrade & Organic house blend from Toby's Estate is pouring beautifully and we have some exciting Single Origins lined up this year.

    Looks like Toby Smith will be dropping in sometime in January to talk about his latest trips to Origin and any other questions you can throw at him!

    We have a new menu including Venison, Kangaroo & Pork Belly sandwiches!

    If you haven't already met the new addition to the Elevenses Espresso Bar crew, come & meet Mary-Jane. She is our new gun-barista with exceptional skill & the ability to make you smile!

    Fi is off the grid again, somewhere in India. Can't wait until she is back so we can hear about her travels.

    Inspired by last weekend's AASCA Victorian Barista Competition, Shanny has her eye on competing in 2012.

    And Tom's New Year Resolution is to keep on top of this website & finally print up those business cards! Yeah, we'll see.

    Shanny, Tom, Fi & Mary-Jane


    585 Little Collins Street
    Melbourne VIC 3000

    Monday - Friday
    7:15am – 4:00pm